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The Library:  H 244 cm x W top 154 cm x W bottom 91 cm

The large trapezoid piece is meant to be strafed by a light from above only...the work has interference colors mixed into the pigments so it becomes almost three dimensional with it’s own light.


The public is able walk up to it, kneel down on the black cushion and leaf thru the four books on the bench.  The books also have light reflective holograms and interference pigments on the covers. Within the books are many different mediums but the main one is DNA sequencing gels from the Human Genome Project. The trapezoid of the "Library" looms over you both height wise and because the base is against the wall while the top is angled 13" from the wall. 


"The Angel Book" is a three-dimensional book at the top of the stairs of the trapezoid. It is a book with illustrations and writing on all pages but the black pages. They are blank.  Because the Angel Book opens in a perfect half circle you are not able to see within it. 


This work came from my time with the scientist/geneticists working on the Human Genome Project. The DNA sequencing gels come from that project.


Books bound in black suede leather, inset on cover of Alpha Centauri with holograms and acrylic brushstroke.  Dimensions of each book  H 42 cm. x W 30 cm 

Handmade paper (pages shot through with silk), holograms, photographs, ink and DNA sequencing gels


Last page of the last book Beethoven's Ode to Joy, written on DNA sequencing gels 




H 244 cm x W 100 cm (4 feet) at base and 200 cm (6 feet) at top    

gesso sculpted image, interference color, etching inks, hand made book 

(The Angel Book)



L 125 cm  x  H 53 cm 

oak stained with etching inks 

symbol of the Trinity carved out at each end of bench 



There are four different books each one is 18 " x 10"  



Black suede , stamp of labyrinth and letters of DNA code on spine in sterling silver  

inset on covers: photo of galaxy toward Alpha Centauri with luminous brush stroke overlay 

edges of inset cover image, DNA gels  and hologram

Book guts: 

black endpapers stamped with sterling silver labyrinth of DNA letters

cream handmade paper with silk strands, DNA sequencing gels incorporated with holograms, diagrams, drawings, photos, DNA coding and (writing hidden in the codes), handwritten in archival ink are quotes from Jorge L. Borges The Library of Babel. Each book is unique laid out in the story.


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