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"Rayner's art works are spiritual maps that force the viewer to transcend the human plane.  
Myth maker, storyteller, her art is imbued with the potent power of truth."

- Stuart Reid, Curator Mississauga Museum of Art

The art works were conceived during years of research and time spent with some of the finest minds in science, theology and philosophy. These art works are unlike any you have seen before.  Like Ariadne's thread, we follow the theme of science and religion through works very different from each other, yet all hauntingly beautiful and so bright with original thought and metaphor, they are like the miner's lamp in a maze.  


These art works have already proven their ability to walk between worlds...from Vatican symposium to a millennial conference in South Africa of the world's great cosmologists, from Stanford's Center for Advanced Studies, to high school outreach programs.  The art works bring a new voice to the science/religion dialogue in a soulful symbiosis that transcends cultural and generational bias to engage and provide timeless levels of reality. 

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