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Art Gallery of Algoma, Sault Ste. Marie
North Bay Arts Centre, North Bay
Laurentian University Art Gallery, Sudbury Cambridge Public Art Gallery & Library, Cambridge Latchem Public Art Gallery, Stouffville

Art Gallery of Mississauga, Mississauga Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa Galerie l’Imagier, Public Gallery, Ottawa Quan-Scheider Gallery, Toronto

Thomas Gallery, Winnipeg
St. Lawrence Centre,Toronto Quan-Scheider Gallery, Toronto Brampton Public Art Gallery, Brampton Quan-Scheider Gallery, Toronto Brampton Public Art Gallery, Brampton


The Urban/Rural Divide ( curated) Art Gallery of Mississauga Altered Books, Portland Public Library, Portland , Maine
First Impressions, Maine College of Art, Portland, Maine Prints, John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto

The Center for Maine Contemporary Art, Rockport, Maine The Chocolate Church Art Center, Bath, Maine
Book Arts Portland Public Library, Portland, Maine Portland Film Festival, Portland, Maine

Raynerart, Belleville Public Art Gallery, Belleville
Re-Collection, Art Gallery of Mississauga, Mississauga
Cono Sur, Harbourfront, Toronto
Recent Acquisitions, Peel Heritage Public Gallery, Brampton The Print Mill, J.B. Aird Gallery, Toronto
Medicine Hat Print Show (Juried), Alberta
Open Studio, 20th Anniversary Touring Show, Liz Wylie, Curator Raynerart, Peel Heritage Public Gallery, Brampton
Innovation Technique, National Symposium (Juried), Uof T Harbourfront Gallery (Juried), Toronto
Works on Paper, Art Gallery of Ontario (Juried), Toronto
Works on Paper, Art Gallery of Hamilton (Curated), Hamilton


Juror’s Award, Latcham Gallery
People’s Choice, Latcham Gallery People’s Choice, Peel Heritage Gallery Premiere Award, Colour and Form Show Premiere Avward, Colour and Form Show

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The Arts George Brown College, Art and Design , Toronto, Ont. Woman And The Arts Bruce Museum and Cultural Centre, Ont. Art and So Niagara College, Welland, Ont.
The Metaphor Scarborough Art Guild, Toronto

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Sir Sanford Flemming College, Haliburton
My China, Haiburton School of The Arts, Haliburton Ont
The Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, Shen Yang, China
The Bruce County Museum and Cultural Center, Opening Lecture, Southampton
The University of Toronto, Philosophy Café
The Arts and Letters Club, Toronto
Harold H. Braithwaite S. School, Brampton
The Chocolate Church Arts Center, Bath, Maine
Tom Thompson Memorial Art Gallery, Owen Sound, Ontario
St. Nicholas Episcopal Church, Portland, Maine
Cawthra Park School of the Arts, Missisaugua, Ontario
St. Luke’s Lutheran Church, Chicago, Illinois
Zygon Center, University of Chicago, Epic Of Creation Lecture Series, Chicago, Illinois
University of Chicago, Campus Ministries, Chicago, Illinois
Hyde Park Religion and Science Society, University of Chicago, Chicago
McCormack Theological Seminary, University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois
Sir Sanford College, Haliburton, Ontario
Stanford University’s Center for Advanced Studies, Palo Alto, California
Ohio Watercolor Society, Dayton, Ohio, Keynote Speaker
University of Southern Maine, Lewiston, Maine, Keynote Speaker
Maine College of Art, Portland, Maine
Community Arts Ontario 10th Anniversary Conference, Kingston, Ontario, Keynote Speaker
Toronto Watercolour Society, Toronto
University of Toronto Lecture Series, Victoria College, Toronto
Lecture Series, George Brown College, Visual Arts Department, Toronto
The Tacon Lecture, University of Toronto
Man And Millennium Symposium, Johannesburg, South Africa, Keynote Speaker
I.N.S.A.P. II (Symposium organized by the Vatican Observatory and the University of Arizona), Malta, Keynote Speaker I.R.A.S. (think tank for The American Association for the Advancement of Science, coordinated by Dr. Ursula Goodenough, Washington University & Dr. Robert Schiable, Assoc. Professor, Arts & Humanities, University of Southern Maine)
Star Island, New Hampshire, Keynote Speaker
Embry Riddle University, Lectures to Arts and Philosophy students and professors,Phoenix, Arizona
Sioux College Arts Program, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
University of Toronto, Psychoanalytic Thought Students’ Association, Toronto
Cambrian College Arts Program, Sudbury, Ontario
Laurentian University M.A. Humanities Program, Sudbury, Ontario
Havergal College, Lecture-Symposium, Toronto
University of Toronto, lnternational Symposium on Religion and Science, The Templeton Lectures,
Toronto, Keynote Speaker
Waterloo University, The Eden Contract, Series of Public Lectures, Waterloo, Ontario Sheridan
College and Cambridge Art Gallery, Cambridge, Ontario
Stouffville Public Art Gallery, The Eden Contract, Ontario
The Art Gallery of Mississauga, The Eden Contract, Toronto
The Robert McLaughlin Gallery, McLaughlin Docents, Oshawa, Ontario
Oakville Public Gallery, Docents, Oakville, Ontario
Ontario College of Art, Toronto
York University, Glendon Campus, Toronto
Symposium on Visual Literacy, Toronto, Keynote Speaker
Etobicoke Art Group 20th Anniversary, Etobicoke, Ontario
Visual Arts Symposium, North York Board of Education, Toronto
Arts Etobicoke 50th Anniversary, Etobicoke, Ontario
University of Toronto, Victoria College, Toronto
Symposium on Visual Arts, Toronto School Board, Toronto, Keynote Speaker
Symposium for the 21st century, Keynote Speaker
Arts Etobicoke, Etobicoke, Ontario
Open Studio, Toronto
Winnipeg Printmaker’s Association/M.O.W.A., Winnipeg, Manitoba


The Institute for Theoretical Physics Art Gallery of Mississauga
The Robert McLaughlin Gallery Peel Heritage Gallery (Public) Canadian Federal Government

CN Corporate Collection
City of Brampton, Permanent Collection
Board of Education, City of York, Permanent Collection Etobicoke Board of Education, Permanent Collection Peel Board of Education, Permanent Collection
Price Waterhouse Collection
Imperial Oil Collection
Cavelti and Associates, Permanent Collection


Institute for Religion in an Age of Science, New Hampshire, Video & Installation
Beginning with the End, God, Science and Wolfhart Pannenberge, Open Court Publishers, Chicago, Cover Extension Magazine Print and Drawing Council of Canada, Cover & Back Cover
St. Lawrence Centre/Cavelti Capital Management, Poster
Guardian Trust Company/Federation Ontario Naturalists, Poster
Canadian National Railways, Poster
Toronto Heart Foundation. “Hearts for Art”, Poster


The Eden Contract - S. Rayner at the Mississauga Art Gallery The Skin of God - S. Rayner at the Robert McLaughlin Gallery A Public Room - Open Studio 20 Years
Cono Sur, Harbourfront

The Maine Print Project (Poster), Chocolate Church Arts Center


I.R.A.S., “The Wizard of Oz – Art, Science and Religion”. –Article by S.Rayner New Canadian Encyclopedia, Print Making. –Reproduction of art work Canadian Travelers in Italy, Art and Writing–Reproduction of art work
Exile, Volume 14 Number 1, –Cover and Pictorial Essay


St. Nicholas Episcopal Church, Scarborough Maine

Stanford University Center for Advanced Studies, “Art and the Evolution of Human Consciousness”, Library of Recorded Lectures,

Ohio Watercolor Society, “The Eden Contract”, Videotaped Lecture

Zurich, Switzerland Mississauga Oshawa Brampton Toronto Toronto Brampton York Toronto Brampton Toronto Toronto Toronto

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Books and Journals

Exile, Irving Layton 100 Years
Organizations, People and Strategies in Astronomy, Dr Andre Heck, Springer Co. New York
The Zygon Center for Religion and Science, Vol.4, “Stephanie Rayner: Art, Religion and Science”, Carol Albright Exile, Volume 16 Number 4, Special Issue. “Exile’s Exiles”
Organizations and Strategies in Astronomy, Vol.4 in Astrophysics and Space Sciences Library. Andre Heck, Ed., The Eden Contract - A Synopsis of the Educational Values of the Show and Lectures,
Stuart Reid, Director, Mississauga Gallery

Newspaper and Magazine Articles

– First Impressions Portland Press Herald, art critic Bob Keyes
– The Maine Sunday Telegram, ”Celebrating The Print”
– The Bath Brunswick Times Record, “Stephanie Rayner/ The Print Project”
– Portland Press Herald, “Bridging Science and Religion”, Jen Fish
– Orion, “Stephanie Rayner: Art and Astronomy”, A.L. Nath
– Woman, “Creative Potential”, Amy Baskin
– The Mississauga News, “Eden Contract Examines Beauty of Myth” Sandy MacLean
– Mississauga Business Times, “The Eden Contract Renegotiated”
– Extension (The Print & Drawing Council of Canada), Vol. 3, No.4,”The Skin of God”, Claudia Mandler-McKnight 3 – The Toronto Star, “Oshawa Gallery Exhibit Fascinates with Scientific Abyss”, Christopher Hume
– The Ottawa Citizen, “Art Work Full of Meaningful Connections”, Visual Arts, Nancy Baele
– Art Word, “Drapes, Vines and a Shaman”, Mark Critoph
– Le Droit, Ottawa/Hull, “Heureuse Rencontre de la Technologie, de la Religionet de L’art”
– Le Regional, Aylmer, Quebec, “Un Exposition des Montages Extraordinaires”, Carol Perry
– Aylmer Bulletin, “Spiritual Art Born Out of Conflict Between Religion and Science”
– The Globe and Mail, “An Inventive Show”, Kate Taylor
– The Ottawa Citizen, “Mid-summer Day’s Dream”, Nancy Beale
– The Sunday Sun, “Prints to Treasure”, Liza Balfour-Bowen
– Winnipeg Free Press, “Technology Takes Curious Twist”, Randal McIlroy
– The Art Post, “Stephanie Rayner”, Tom Gotlebe
– The Burlington Post Artscape, “Impressive Show”, Lois Crawford
– The Toronto Star, “Art World Tough for Woman”, David Steen
– Brampton Times, “Rayner’s Art on Display”, Linda Reed
– Brampton Times, “Colletchist Content”, Vaughn Cocke
– Brampton Guardian, “Unusual Prints”, Peter Tyn
– Brampton Guardian, “Artist Laments Death of Myth”, Julius Xavier
– City & Country Home, “Prints Consort”, Sarah Yates
– Canadian Art, “Special Pleasure of Canadian Prints”, Gwen Warner
– Canadian Business, “Prints”
– Brampton Guardian, “Show United by Sky Symbolism”, Peter Tyn


Accolades, Channel 10, Interview
Belle Art, French CBC, Interview
Art, TVO, Interview
The Octagon Expedition, CBC, Documentary
Canada AM, TVO, Debate: Bateman & Stephanie Rayner. Prints vs Reproductions

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Jackson School of Art, 2020, Jackson, Mass.                                                                      

Haliburton School of the Arts, 1995 -2019, Haliburton ,Ont.

Maine College of Art, 2000-2012, Portland, Maine

Ohio Watercolor Society,2010, Dayton, Ohio

Haystack School of the The Arts, 2002,2011 , Deer Isle, Maine

Sir Sanford Fleming College, Haliburton, Ontario 1995-2012

Haliburton School of the Arts, Haliburton Ont. 1995-2012

Ohio Water Colour Society, Cleveland, Ohio 2010

The Chocolate Church Arts center, Bath, Maine 2006

Cawthra Park School for the Arts, Toronto 2005

Nielson Park Creative Centre, Etobicoke, Ontario

Luxun Academy of Art, 2009, Shen Yang, China

Portland School Board, Special Project – Visual Arts Teachers

Chocolate Church Art Center, 2006, Bath, Maine
Haystack Mountain School of the Arts, Deer Isle, Maine 2002 McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario 2001-2005

Southampton Art School,1995-2007, Southampton, Ont. 

O.I.S.E. Visual Art Special Project,2001-2005, Toronto, Ont.

Special Project, Toronto 2000-2007 Maine College of Art, Portland, Maine

Havergal Special Art Mentorship Program,1997, Toronto, Ont.
Havergal College, Special OAC Mentorship Program, Toronto 2000 Bishop Strachan College, OAC Program, Toronto 1999 Special Projects Grant
North Bay Arts Centre, North Bay, Ontario 1997-1998 Laurentian University Art Gallery, Sudbury, Ontario
Art Gallery of Algoma, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
Havergal College, Toronto, Ontario 1997 Bishop Strachan College, Toronto 1996 Southampton Art School, Southampton, Ontario 1995-2007 Bloor Collegiate, Toronto 1995 Lakeshore Collegiate, Etobicoke, Ontario
Art at the Boyne, Toronto School Board Special Project, Toronto 1994-1997 Mississauga Art Gallery, Special Projects Grant - Lectures to 14 schools,
Peel Board of Education, Mississauga, Ontario
Cawthra Park School for the Arts, Toronto 1993 Loretto Abbey, C.A.I. S. Grant, Toronto
Walden Art Camp, C.A.I.S. Grant, Scarborough School Board, Toronto
Special Projects Grant: Robert McLaughlin Gallery: Lectures and workshops to 15 high schools, Oshawa, Ontario
Metro Toronto Secondary School Board, Lecture Series to O.A.C. students at 8 schools, Toronto

Cawthra Park School of the Arts,1993-2006, Mississauga, ont.
Scarlet Heights Collegiate Intstitute, Toronto
Loretto College, C.A.I.S. Grant, Toronto
Loretto Abbey, Toronto
Art at the Boyne, Toronto School Board Special Project, Toronto
Several school boards and camps throughout Ontario (names supplied on request)


Open Studio, Vice-President
Open Studio, Head of Visiting Artist Program Visual Arts Ontario

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1989-92 1990-2000

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