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"Rayner's works are not just prophecies, they are preminisc/ences, memories of a larger sense of NOW, time past, time future and time present perceived at once, as was possible for T.S. Elliot.  As a threshold of initiation the work has the
power to transform people as they view it..."

Derrick de Kerchhove

DirectorMcLuhan Programme in Culture and Technology

University of Toronto

The first white men to have contact with Guarani Indians of South America were priests.  The Indians, to the delight of the priests, were fascinated by the Bibles. When asked why, the Indians said they loved the pages, and what was paper?  The priests answered that on paper you could make words to convey your thoughts to far away friends, or even to people you would never meet.  The Indians, awestruck, touched the paper and said that  "The truly, this is the Skin of God"


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